Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dancing Tara


Tara is the mother of wisdom and compassion, The Tara dance was created by Prema Dasara more than two decades ago and has been danced worldwide.. For more information regarding the dance and the history of the dance please visit
Tara dance meets every month in Brooklyn (NewYork) If interested please contact  at my email address at the top right of this  page.

Prema Dasara the Creatix of the Tara Dance

Tara Mandala Dancers in a stone courtyard
The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is a ritual offered by groups of dancers worldwide as a prayer of peace, protection, wisdom and capability. It is a practice of empowerment and blessing. Based on an ancient Tibetan practice of praising and embodying the Great Goddess Tara, the Mother of Compassion and Wisdom, the dance was created by Prema Dasara . Through the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program it is now taught in and shared by an array of student teachers.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many Great Lamas of all
 the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism have given their blessing and offered their prayers that this dance be shared as widely as possible.
For more information about the Mandala Tara Dance explore the Tara Dhatu site

May all beings be happy 
May all beings be free

Recent Tara Dance adventures with Elena
* Dancing Tara on the water

Sacred dance on the water in Sitges (Spain)

Globalwaterdances Sitges Barcelona
Sacred dance on the water

This past June 15  2013   was the Globalwaterdances day where many dancers and choreographers around the world offered their dances for the water in our planet.
Last time  I was part of this event in New York at the Hudson River,
This time  I was in my native country Spain  with some of  my  yoga  students from New York  offering yoga and a sightseeing week at  the beautiful  city of Barcelona  and the lovely town of Sitges.    This is a trip we had talked about  for years and finally it became reality.  We had a wonderful time, we lived in a house facing the  Mediterranean sea  where we could do our yoga practice in the morning and meditation at night, and where we enjoyed our food and chats  at the warmth of  latest days of spring.
The day of the Globalwaterdances I decided to offer my grain of sand, (or drop of water)  offering the Tara dance on the water.  On the top of the roof at the house there was a pool facing the sea.  So when the Tara dancers from Barcelona  came to Sitges  we danced the all dance in the water and it was a beautiful special experience.  Afterwards when the New Yorkers  came back from an exciting day of sightseeing, Catalans and New Yorkers  we offered the dance again altogether at one of the roofs.
The fact that we could experience the water while we were dancing and see the sea while dancing made me feel really connected to the water feeling a sense of transmitting a very positive vibration thru our movements and chants. There rest of the summer  I did offer the Tara dance at different places also in the water and will  continue to do so now until gets chilly! 

Sunday, April 18, 2010


beautiful Kauai (Hawaii)



Elena dancing Tara in Kauai a place of many rainbows

Sacred Mountain of Montserrat one of the places where we dance Tara in Spain

Emma and Karine Tara dancers in Spain


Tete  led the Mandala in  Brasilia

dancing Tara in Brazil 2010

dancing Tara in Morocco 2010

Vrindavan Krishna's land


dancing Tara in India

dancing Tara in Grand Rapids
dancing Tara in Woodstock with Prema where we had the honor  to dance for lama Garchen Rinpoche

dancing the 8 precious offerings at the Global Water Dances, Hudson River New York

dancing Tara in Prospect Park (Brooklyn)

Atisha School, Kathmandu, Nepal
May All Quarrels and Wars Be Forever Ended
May Poverty and Sickness Be Removed From This Earth

May the Truth and All That’s Auspicious Increase

May All Beings Be Happy
Blessed By The One Who Blazes With Glory